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Give a warm welcome to my podcast guest this week, Madeline! We’re talking gummies, coffee and how to deal with anxiety and food. This episode is full of knowledge bombs, resources and tips for you to take back your health! Listen below or on itunes.

Food & Anxiety: Episode 7 Summary:

Madeline’s Health Journey
More on Studio Time Out and what Madeline does 
                Her online program, A Kick in the Pants and others!
                If you’re in Minneapolis, stop in to Studio TimeOut
Two things Madeline’s totally digging right now 
Acro yoga (check her out, it’s stinkin’ awesome)
Gelatin gummies – her favorite recipe:

Food and Anxiety Introduction 

“You’re probably not stressed because of your circumstances, you’re trapped in this flight or fight mode because of your brain chemistry. If your brain chemistry is functioning well, then you will deal with different circumstances and situations better. If your chemistry is not functioning properly – then your body cannot deal with situations as well and thus they become stressful. Your brain chemistry and function is directly tried to your gut health.” 

Brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) are made in your gut. If you eat foods that you’re sensitive to, and causing you issues – those nuerotrainsmitters will not be made effectively.

Step 1: Look at food triggers & consider doing an elimination diet 
Step 2: Focus on gut healing 
                Supplements: l-glutamine, Restore
Step 3: Take calming, targeted amino acids 
                GABA (50-200mg/day) – feel more grounded, calm
Step 4: Careful and cautious of your coffee 
                Add quality fats – listen for more information on fats
                Avoid putting refined or processed sugar in your coffee
                Choose organic “clean” coffee – non-toxic coffee
                Coffee resources: Bulletproof coffee, Nutpods, NuNaturals Stevia
Find Madeline here: Studio TimeOut and check out her online programs, supplement guide and e-mail list! Check out her fun stuff, like acro yoga on Instagram at: madelinerosiehewitt 

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