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Step away from your dull, quantitative goals & conquer 2017 with QUALITY.

I get it, we’ve been surrounded by “resolution” talk for the last week and I know my head’s already spinning. And as it was, I couldn’t help but think of the type of resolutions I always hear. The ones that rose to the top, almost always are quantifiable – committing to losing X number of pounds or sticking to a diet for X number of months. By attaching a number to a goal, it gives us, really, the only opportunity to either say we succeeded or failed. We hit the number, or we didn’t. And although that can be the motivation and “end in sight” that we need, there are times it can do more harm than good.

When we quantify goals, there’s the probability of prioritizing the number over everything else – especially quality. And if we happen to be a frequent resolution maker, it could be surly assumed that we”ve set similar goals in the past – making them monotonous and predisposed to the potential failures or frustrations we experienced the last time we tried to achieve that quantitative goal.

So, if you fall into either of those categories, or are just plain ole’ sick of creating goals that favor quantity over quality – these next steps are for you:

Goal: To be a questioner – There have been times when my coach is explaining a workout and something just doesn’t click and I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t quite get it. And because of that, I tend to just shake my head in agreement and carry-on through the workout, never feeling like I got an answer to my question. Maybe you feel the same? Set a goal to express those questions more verbally. And at first, you may feel a little silly, but your coach will appreciate it and will use their expertise to not only answer your question but make it relatable to you and your workout. By having that answer, you’re more empowered and can be sure you’re not only moving correctly, but are understanding the movement as well.  

Goal: Be more coach-able – I was lucky enough to learn this at a young age and it’s been something I’ve tried to continue into my adulthood. The act of being “coached” is humbling. As adults, we like to think that we’re independent and can “learn it ourselves.” It can be a challenge accepting constructive criticism or instruction from someone else. However, when we do, we not only become better at what we’re doing, but we begin to understand and accept that we can’t do it alone. We need someone else’s help. The dynamic between you and your coach also grows. They too receive pleasure and confidence in your acceptance of their instruction. It’s a two way street for both your success.

Goal: Workout more selfishly – this sounds a little counter-intuitive after I just said to “be more coach-able.” But what I mean is this … stop caring what others around you are doing – how fast they’re moving or how heavy they’re lifting. You work out for you. Concerning yourself with other’s gains or times only takes away from yours. You lose sight in how far you’ve come when you focus on how far others are ahead of you. So be a little more selfish with your workouts and focus 100% on you.

Goal: Put pen to paper – I’ve never been big into journaling. I learned recently that because I’m process-driven and a questioner, I find journaling to be too loose. There are no standards to follow, no deadlines to meet. But what I did find valuable was “documenting” my feelings, workouts and meal plans. I’m being slightly facetious using that term, because it could very well be considered a different type of journaling, but regardless of how you do it – just do it. The act of writing or documenting something down does two things. One – it allows you the opportunity to look back and see where you started and note the progress you’ve made. Two – physiologically, writing something down helps us remember, and by remembering we tend to not lose sight of our goals as easily. It’s constantly in our mind.

Goal: Go topless – I giggled when I wrote this down. Don’t actually go streaking. Please don’t. But I’ve noticed this amazing phenomena and it’s when people remove an article of clothing during mid-workout. Sure, you could chalk it up to getting hot and sweaty. But, there are some who whip off that shirt and they instantly stand a little taller, work a little harder and their confidence is just beaming out of them. You might be saying, this girl ain’t taking off her shirt at the gym and that’s totally OK. What I’m really getting at is something I learned a long time ago: If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you do good. So put on your most favorite pair of Lulus, make that appointment to get your hair done or finally whip off that shirt mid-workout. Whatever makes you feel strong and confident, do that.

Goal: Humble yourself – There’s always a couple things we kick ass in and feel confident doing. For example, when I see running wods I send a quick “thank you” up to the Big Man and prepare for battle. I walk into that gym confident. However, when I see pull-ups or gymnastic movements programmed … I get a little bummed out. We all want to do the things we’re good at. That’s what builds our confidence and keeps us coming back. If our coach only ever programmed the things we sucked at, we would last about a week. But there’s something to be said about doing the things we suck at. It’s humbling. I feel humbled anytime I go to yoga. About half the time, I sit there hating every single pose, hold or breathing exercise, because I can’t do it well. But as I lay there in a sore, soggy pretzel, I realize I don’t like it because I’m not good it at. And if I’m not good at it … I should definitely be doing more of it! Find something that humbles you to the core. It won’t be easy to commit to it, but by challenging yourself at something you’re not the best at, will allow you to understand your weaknesses and become not only stronger physically, but mentally as well.


And there you have it. Scrap the same goal you set year after year and being more intentional with your goal-setting this year!

Onward to the best you in 2017!

Be well,


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