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I feel like Oprah. 
Actually, that’s false. Oprah doesn’t work 14 hour days, eat steamed peas for dinner and wear her hair in a wet ponytail to work. Dannnngit. What I’d give to be Oprah. For like a day. 
So, try as I might …. I’m not giving away hundreds of thousands of my favorite things, no. But I’ll let you know what they are. That’s good enough, right? For now I suppose… Check out A few of my favorite things:
Below are the links to the products. They constantly make my life easier and keep good, healthy food on my table, in a snap!  Check ’em out:
a few of my favorite things
I use most of these products daily! They are wonderfully easy and versatile and help with keeping healthy food on the table, when it’s a top priority. 
  • Spiralizer
    • My most FAVORITE kitchen gadget. I use it for making zoodles (zucchini noodles) and sweet potato strings
  • Nutri-bullet
  • Pyrex glass dishes
    • Easy to carry food to work in, easy to clean and I don’t have to worry about microwaving plastic container
  • Cast iron pan
    • Although the diva of my kitchen (they’re so stinkin’ high maintenance) they are wonderful to cook in – sear up some chicken thighs or chili
  • Mason jars
    • Again, storage + meal prep – they’re a god send
  • Mushroom holder
    • I eat a whole lotta mushrooms – the saver keeps them fresh for me in between uses
  • Lettuce spinner
    • My mother has this gadget and its SWEET. No one likes soggy lettuce, no one. 


This post reminds me of those awesome kitchen stores. You know like, Kitchen Essentials or William Sonoma? I could spend HOURS in those stores. They have so many little gadgets and odds and ends. Like, do you need a ceramic olive pitter or perhaps a sterling silver spoon dish? Um, yeah….of course I do. 


be well.


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