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Since it’s time for the holidays and the fact that I’m still having trouble thinking up gifts, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things (yano, kinda like Oprah, but minus a few billion dollars). 

  • Yeti – $30
    • This cup is a life saver. I like my coffee hot … all the time and this little buddy keeps your beverages pippin’ hot for hours. You can get them here
  • Apple Watch Series 2
    • I got this beautiful piece of wearable technology as an early gift from Mark and I’m obsessed. Not only can I check my email, track my fitness, steps and heart rate but I can schedule appointments, text and use the timer for when I’m training clients. 
  • Kiss My Face Roll-on deodorant – $4
    • I’ve been looking for a deodorant that is sans crap (parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrance) – but most left my armpits totally irritated. My uber sensitive skins loves this roll-on deodorant. 
    • Available at HyVee and ThriveMarket 
  • Fed and Fit, Cassy Joe Garcia & Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl, Melissa Amrbosini
    • These two books are on my holiday-break-to-dos! I’ve followed these ladies for awhile and snagged their books on sale during CyberMonday deals. Get me a cup o’ joe and I’m good to go. 
  • Bela Bracelet – $20
    • If you’re one to find awesome, adorable but useful gifts … this is it. It’s an adorable bangle that DOUBLES as a hair tie holder. Um, hello? This is the answer to all my problems. 
  • Black booties – $60
    • I’ve worn these black booties pretty much everday for the last 3 months and I can’t get enough of them. They’re comfy, cute and look good with about anything. 
    • Snag these booties at TJMaxx
  • Pacifica Lip Tint (in sugared fig) – $5 & Tarte Matte Lip Pain (in tbt) – $18
    • My two favorite lip colors for the winter. Pacifica is made in a recyclable tube and made with natural avocado and coconut oils and is the best when that winter dryness sets in. 
    • Available at Greatest Grains or buy online at Pacifica / Tarte
  • Bone broth – $8
    • I’ve been making my own every weekend and sipping a little every morning. However EPIC makes some legit broth that eliminates the time and mess it’s takes to make your own.
    • Available on ThriveMarket
  • Evernote app – Free
    • I’m obsessed with this app. Any type A person would be, too. Organize notes, notebooks and keep all of your random thoughts, blog posts and recipes in one, search-able location. Da’ best. 
  • Clementine Paper Ink Notebooks $4-10
    • I just love a good notebook. But what I love more? The thick, easy to tear-out paper. It makes it. It comes on recycled paper, printed with nontoxic soy-based ink.
    • Available at Target, TJMAxx, or online
  • Collagen Peptides – $24
    • The next big thing. Good for skin, nails, hair and everything else — this protein packed powder is good in hot or cold beverages. 
    • Get it here
  • Lara bar – pecan pie – $1.25
    • You all should know by now how obsessed I can get with these bars. They’re my go-to when I need something sweet. Got to flavor? Pecan pie (thanks, Bri). 
    • Get them here: ThirveMarket
  • Jackson’s Honest Chips – $3-5
    • These chips, man. Cooked in coconut oil. Just perfection. 
    • Get them here: ThirveMarket

What else is new?

  • Have you checked out Episode 2 of the Well U Radio? I’m talking about building a better diet. Give it a listen! 
  • Secret Project is in the works — should be ready to go by the end of the year! Stay tuned!
  • I’ve been craving this blueberry cobbler and chocolate chip cookies.

Ok, that’s it –

Be well



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