Hi everyone!

My name is Katie and I’m super glad you’re here. Your interest, passion (and curiosity) in health and wellness totally excites me. 

So, who am I? In short, I’m a marketer, nutritional therapist, personal trainer, pretend chef, food blogger, health enthusiast, runner, CrossFitter and a people lover.

Currently, my full time gig is in marketing. I’m also a personal trainer and nutritional therapist – I just graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Association’s Nutritional Therapy Consultant Program (read my post here if you’re curious about the program). This program was one of the best steps I’ve ever made and I’m so excited to start bringing optimal wellness potential to this community!

I originally created this blog (or should I say, I’ve created many versions of this blog) to post recipes and exercises. Its since been a place to house my joys in writing and story telling as well as providing motivation and energy to those seeking out healthier lifestyles. 

Today I continue working as a marketing specialist in higher education (holistic health care) where I do everything and anything that has to do with communication – print, digital, web, social media, advertising, etc. Before and after work, I train a variety of clients – both in home and in a gym setting. I’ve found tremendous fulfillment in helping others reach their goals and helping them create better, healthier lives for themselves and their families. I also have a huge interest in functional nutrition (as you can see from my Instagram and blog). My focus is in providing people with easy, maintainable ways to fuel and nourish their bodies through real food

I want to share my passion and knowledge with you, so if you have a question, please feel free to ask and contact me whenever!

be well.






*Please note: I am not a dietitian, counselor or doctor. I am happy to answer any questions you have based on my personal experiences, opinions, research, and knowledge; but know that I do not have any medical degrees to qualify me to give you any personal or direct advice about food, dietary or lifestyle choices.*

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The mission of The Well U is to provide our community with healthy and holistic opportunities to help achieve optimal wellness.
  • Whole food recipes and classes, nutritional assessment, wellness resources, individualized personal training and wellness coaching. 


The vision and goal of The Well U is to be a functioning wellness center and social hub that communities can come to learn and grow in their wellness journey and to achieve their BEST, healthiest self.