Instant pot coconut milk yogurt

Easy two-ingredient Instant pot coconut milk yogurt recipe  Swooning. That’s what I’m doing over my instant pot. I think this is the third post I’ve mentioned it since getting it and I’m not even sorry about it! This pot is amazing. Yes,... read more

Raw paleo pumpkin cheesecake + Simple Squares

Simple Squares Collaboration + Raw Paleo Pumpkin Cheesecake Oh dear. Has it been a month already? Yikes. Well, I’m back and it’s officially fall here in the Quad Cities and I’m full-on sweater mode, the moccasin slippers are out and I just received... read more

Superfood Meatballs

Superfood meatballs packed with vegetables, meat & herbs!  Can I be honest? I kind of hate the word “superfood”. For two reasons really. First, that it promotes this idea of these super foods having “super powers” that if you just eat... read more

One pot spicy ground beef hash & my new skin routine

    New skin routine & one pot spicy ground beef hash I’m telling myself I feel fall coming … not sure it’s entirely true with the amount of humidity that’s drenched my body this week. So sweaty. But the stores are packing their fall décor with... read more

The CrossFit Games and Paleo BBQ Sauce

Journey to the CrossFit Games and a Paleo BBQ Sauce Recipe [scroll down for recipe] What. A. Week. I’m definitely feeling the aftermath of it. Bring on the coffee. Last week, I randomly decided to buy tickets to the CrossFit Games. Maybe it wasn’t that random. I had... read more

Green apple chicken salad & self care

Green apple chicken salad recipe & self-care steps  Phew. It’s been a second. I feel like every post I write, I start off with: life’s been a little crazy. But it has! Summertime is just busy. Good busy, but busy nonetheless. I’ve really been enjoying... read more

Paleo Lemon Bars

These Paleo Lemon Bars will be a summer favorite, for sure! Why are lemon-flavored things so delicious? I made these Paleo Lemon Bars after I exhausted my Lemon Cream Pie Protein Bites stash I made a few weeks ago.  Something about lemon and summer just works.... read more

Bacon egg salad & the calorie conversation

The easiest, most summer-approved bacon egg salad you’ll get your hands on. Recipe below.  The sun is out today and it’s so pleasant. I didn’t get to truly enjoy it because I was doing a 30-minute amrap of axle deadlifts, wallballs and... read more

Lemon Cream Pie Protein Bites

Today I’m sharing these delicious Lemon Cream Pie Protein Bites that are to die for.   Ever since I indulged in a Hail Merry Lemon Tarte, I’ve had this insatiable craving for all things lemon. I used to be a huge fan of lemon bars growing up, so this love for... read more

Taco Tuesday! Paleo tortilla recipe

Friends, I’m coming atcha a day early so you’re 100% prepared to take on taco tuesday! My paleo tortilla recipe is super easy and super inexpensive – a win-win.  I’ve always had a fixation with tacos. From an early age, my family... read more

Paleo shepherd’s pie meatloaf & post-travel reset

I’m back! I got a new Paleo shepherd’s pie meatloaf waiting for you below and I’m giving you some steps on a healthy post-travel reset!   Traveling takes it out of you. Period. I hate the actual act of traveling – the sitting around, flying and waiting. It... read more

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Root Vegetables

Talking marketing and business and of course a deliciously simple Sweet & Spicy Roasted Root Vegetables recipe Guys. Real talk. I love Jason Derulo. Don’t judge. It’s been my go-to workout, pump-up music since about 2009 and damnit, it... read more