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….wait, is it? Because I’m pretty sure I had a cookie for breakfast and that is NOT a part of the new year resolutions plan. Damn.

New Years is a funny thing. I feel very torn, actually very bipolar at the very thought of it. On one side, it’s another day, an excuse to start doing things I should’ve been doing all year long. And then the other, a new start and time to keep baggage in the past and go forth and do great things. I getttttt it. I do, because I teeter both sides. Growing up, my Dad would sit us down on New Years Day (begrudgingly) and make us jot down our goals. I hated it, loathed it. But he was determined for his kids to set goals, to achieve things, and to dream bigger and better than what we currently were (and if we’re being honest, 17-year-old Katie could’ve really used some “bettering”). Although I wasn’t totally fond of the exercise, surprisingly, I find myself jotting down some goals every January 1. *Cue stubborn eye roll* …. I guess, thanks, Pops ;)

But this years different. Bleck. That tasted as corny and cliche coming out as it did writing it… internally hating myself for saying that…..isn’t every year supposed to be different?!?  I digress. 

But for real, I decided instead of the typical: Achieve this, Do better at that, Stop doing this and start doing that…. I instead was going to focus around small actions that will hopefully supplement and promote bigger changes, naturally. 

  • Get back to eating clean … remove sugar (it makes you cranky and sick), meal prep every Sunday, write about it, document it, stay accountable to it, share the journey
  • Be happy … don’t spend effort, time or thoughts on things that could potentially make you unhappy, do more things for you, get comfortable with  saying no and forget pleasing everyone
  • Go to church every weekend … pray every morning, be thankful you get to see another day, ask for forgiveness and quit feeling guilty
  • Volunteer more … make others feel better – give compliments, give more hugs and love, encourage others dreams and help them succeed
  • Spend more quality time with my family … answer your damn phone, write letters, listen more 
  • Stop spending money on silly things … remember need v. want 
  • Start reading more books and articles … indulge in self-help narratives, write more than you read, share your work
  • Begin your nutrition education … ask yourself every day if this is what you want to do, if there are more “yes’s” ….then start. 
  • Stop regretting; stop worrying … live in the present, be thankful of where you are now. 
  • Go outside more …. appreciate nature, find peace in it, take others with you, take more photos 
  • Work smarter … find ways to make work fun, take the initiative (w/o being asked to), learn how to code 

…the list could go on. 

So maybe they’re not all small actions, but they;re more realistic –  a little more meat and potatoes. But, when it comes down to it, 2016 is about….

Becoming happier, feeling right and bettering others.

Cheers to a new year, a same you and new motivations :)

be well.



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