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Sharing my healthy travel tips 

If you read my posts or know me personally, you know I’ve been traveling and am gearing up for another leg of travels this week. I’m headed down to Texas for the first time ever! It’s for work, but there will be some play, of course, too. I’ve always been a planner and always really (over) planned for work trips and vacations. it sounds crazy, but I get a weird sense of calmness and satisfaction planning these types of things. From the nearby restaurants, to coffee shops and gyms within walking distance, I love waltzing into a new location, feeling like I have some sort of “local sense.”

This week I want to share some of my tips on healthy travel tips: 

Making a Healthy Travel Plan

First and foremost, I try and set up a plan-of-attack when headed somewhere new. This always includes: hotel location, nearby restaurants (gluten-free and/or paleo options), nearby coffee shops, nearby gyms or hotel gym amenities and the nearest local whole foods (or the like).  

Jotting this down gives me some idea of what’s around where I’m staying. If we need restaurant recommendations, I already have them. If the hotel gym is so-so, I have nearby (within walking distance) gyms that I can bounce over to and always, local grocery stores. Especially for work, I can’t always find things to eat at conferences or work dinners. Stocking up on some healthy grocery finds is a must.

Finding a Gym

I have to workout while I’m out of town. It keeps me sane. Once I know where I’m staying, I immediately hop on the hotel’s website and check out their gym amenities. Sometimes I’ll call it good and do my own hotel workouts, other times, I’ll look-up a local CrossFit affiliate. This time around, I’ll be dropping in to CrossFit Central in Downtown Austin and couldn’t be more excited. It’s something I love doing and what’s also so great about the CF community. If you’re ever wondering what that process looks like, these are the steps I usually take…

  1. Search from a CrossFit gym in the local vicinity from where you’re staying
  2. Once you find a gym, see if they have a “Drop-In” section or cost
  3. Head over to their “Contact” page and drop them an e-mail letting them know the days/times you’re thinking of dropping in and introduce yourself, where you’re from and the CF gym you train at.
  4. Usually they’ll respond back happily to confirm and welcome you to their gym

Anytime I step foot into a out-of-town CrossFit gym, I always make sure I arrive early. For various reasons. They may need you to sign a waiver, they may want to go over a few things with you before you get started, or it’s just nice to spend a few minutes chatting and making a new connection. It’s always appreciated. 

If I decide to hand it at the hotel, I’ll usually pack the essentials: a resistance band and a jump rope

P.S. My favorite resistance bands are 73% off!

Healthy Travel Snacks

I’m sure you’re aware how much of a Snack Queen I am. Traveling only makes this worse (or better?). Driving or flying, I usually bring the following:

Once I get to my destinaton, I’ll head over to a local grocery store to stock up on some more food(s) that’ll stay good in my hotel fridge:

  • Eggs
  • Smoked meat or canned tuna/salmon
  • Avocado
  • Green apples
  • Kombucha
  • Salad Bar to-go

Conference or Work Tips

  1. ALWAYS bring an empty water bottle. I throw this in my carry-on and as soon as I get past security, I fill it up and keep hydrated during my wait and on the plan. It’s also awesome to have during conferences when sometimes all there is are water fountains.
  2. Recyclable bag. I’ve hauled groceries a mile, used it as a gym bag and tossed laundry in it. Believe me, it comes in handy. 
  3. Travel sized oils. These coconut oil packets are the best! Because I like a little fat in my coffee they’re imperative. 
  4. Comfy shoes. I’ll wear them 24/7. Mostly so my feet don’t hurt, but if I get a quick break or a session gets out early, I’ll walk. 
  5. Face mask. There’s nothing wrong with a little rest and relaxation. Even though I’m traveling for work, being able to crawl into bed and do something for me gives me some peace and calm. 
  6. Note your dietary restrictions. Most conferences today have a section where you can note accommodations – do it!! If you have food allergies, list them. They absolutely will accommodate (and the food is always 100% better!)


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