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Preparation is my jam. 

It’s probably a control thing. Maybe that and the fact I never regret meal prepping all my food in advance. I figured since I do it so often and get a lot of questions on food prep and meal planning, I’d share my thoughts and process. 

The entire process starts off with a list:

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I usually grocery shop on Sunday afternoon and do most of my cooking Sunday late afternoon. Takes me about an hour or so. 

Food combinations:

Breakfast: Eggs (not on my list, I get these from a local farmer) + 1 tbs coconut oil + 1 cup organic arugula + 1/2 sweet potato — I usually cook 2-4 of this same meal for a couple days and then again mid-week, if needed. 

Lunch: Ground meat + seasoning + vegetables + rice — I cook all the ground meat, while I roast a huge pan full of vegetables. Vegetables are cut, drizzled with some coconut or olive oil and sprinkled with some seasonings. These last me almost the entire week. While meat is cooking, I cook about 1 cup (dry) rice, which also lasts my the entire week. I package about 3-4 of these up for the week. 

Snack: Apples are washed and placed in refrigerator. Sometimes I’ll pre-portion out the almond butter into little tupperware. 

Dinner: Chicken + vegetables + sweet potato. Lately I’ve been throwing a whole roasted chicken in the crockpot with a chunk of onion and letting that cook for a few hours. I’ll let it rest then shred it and place it in a large tupperware dish. From there I’ll just scoop some out (about 5 oz) for dinner or lunch.  This is SO easy. I’m going to do it again this week. You can throw some salsa on top or avocado for some extra flavor. Toss it in a salad, wrap or just eat it straight up. Variety, homie.


  • Organic bulk coffee (so I don’t feel the need to splurge at the local coffee shop), usually add about 1/4c non-dairy milk to that to cut some of the bitterness. 
  • Lettuce – this will be used for salads with the shredded chicken to change it up
  • Bananas – usually a pre- or post- workout snack. Comes in handy because I’m usually on the go, works perfect.
  • Turkey slices – some extra protein for snacks
  • RX Bar – These are not on my list this week, because I need to limit these. I find myself grabbing these for a quick on-the-go snack. 
  • Hard boiled eggs – I’ll cook about 6 eggs quickly for another, quick, grab-and-go protein snack

Notes/Game Plan:

  • I try to keep my sugars down and load up on most my carbs from a variety of good, nutrient dense vegetables. 
  • Cook and purchase easy, grab-and-go protein sources. I tend to go towards sugars/carbs when I’m in a bind (aka bars/fruit), so having something already ready and easy limits my quick, impulse decisions to buy something more carb/sugar-heavy.
  • Starchy carbs (sweet potatoes/rice) are always included in my first meal of the day. This is specific to my blood sugar needs and keeps me satiated more when included in the first meal
  • Fats – my body responds well to high quality fats in the morning. This, teamed with the starchy carb allows me my blood sugar to sustain.
  • More protein – goal for the week is to reach for good protein sources first (as a snack) before I grab carbs/sugars
  • Water! My water intake has not been the best — game plan is to drink 16oz of water before my first coffee, then another 40-50 oz throughout the day

SampleMeal Plan*


There ya’ have it. 

I’ll keep ya posted. 

Questions? Comment below :)

Be well,



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