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Travels take it out of ya. Seriously. It’s a love/hate thing. 

The pros: cool new places, learning new things, relaxing, sun, not working, etc.

The cons: less control, travel issues, flying, trying to find decent food, schedule/habits are all messed up

I’ve been in Florida for the last week and it’s been pretty wonderful. The weather started off a little less than desirable, but I got a solid 4 days of 70-80 degree weather in, so I can’t complain one bit. I will say this, Disney sucks. No, seriously – it really does.  Why? For someone who can’t eat like a normal, 8 -year old Disney vacationer, I was extremely limited. AND to make matters worse, it was next to impossible to try and find any a-la-carte items …. because You want a granola bar? Too bad sucka, the only thing you can get is a Mickey-Coco-Rice-Bar. WTF is that?! Maybe some roasted almonds? Nope. But there’s an Alvin and the ChimpMunk Mix …. catchin’ my drift? The worst. I’ve never felt more high-matinance than I did at Disney. Thankfully, the conference I was at, asked about dietary concerns prior to the week, so they actually did a great job working with some good, healthy foods …… Win some ya’ lose some. 

The PLUS side to where we stayed at in Disney, is that they had a bomb workout facility. It was kind of amazing. And because most of the guests were probably there for rest and relaxation, it was empty. Double score. 

After Disney, I travelled down to Tampa to meet up with my parents. I couldn’t tell if I was more excited to see them or get a half-decent coffee and shop at WholeFoods. 

So, here’s my travel eats and workouts: 

Disney Eats:

Epic travel snacks

Travel essentials included: Epic jerky and nut mix, RxBars, Justin’s Almond Butter and Apples
(I also packed some GF oats and protein powder for breakfast at the resort)

crew cup meal

First meal at Disney: (Crew Cup – Yacht Resort) Bunless Burger and Fries (both made gluten-free)
*this also became my go-to dinner the second night because I was SOL with other options.


Yacht Club salad

Tried to venture off our resort and landed at the little MarketPlace at the Beach Club and found a pretty decent “Grain” salad which included rice and quinoa and roasted veggies. 


Last dinner at Hollywood Studios: Sat down at a cute little Tapas Restaurant and ordered the chop salad and of course, a glass of red wine. 

Disney Workouts:


Workout 1 & 2: 30 minutes med/high intensity cardio + strength training + 10 minutes low intensity cardio


Workout 3: 4.5 miles around the Disney grounds + bodyweight HIIT (mountain climbers, air squats, lunges, bench dips, bench pushups, squat jumps)


Tampa Eats & Workouts:

I was so thankful to find a CrossFit Gym on my way into Tampa. The community was SO stink in’ nice and the coach even helped me afterwards with some mobility for my shoulder. I was also thankful to stop at a WholeFoods when I arrived and stock up on some real food, finally…



Workout 1: Stopped at CrossFit OCI – Programming was 15.1 and 15.2 


Workout 2: Stopped in at Sutherland CrossFit – did a cardio burner:

5 min AMRAP of 15 Wall Balls, 15 cal row
5 min AMRAP of 15 Wall Balls 15 Box Jumps
5 min AMRAP of 15 Wall Balls 15 Burpees


WholeFoods stop (Hey, Dad!)
Loaded up on: greens, eggs, meat, rice, GF oats, green apples, bananas, vegetables


Typical Breakfast: 2 cooked eggs, arugula, chicken and white rice (and a coffee)


Lunches: Ground turkey, tomato sauce, peas



Dinners out: included a seafood salad (and two sangrias) and a vegetarian Paella from this amazing Colombian Restaurant (and three glasses of red wine) 


All in all, I tried to stay at least a little consistent with my eating and workout habits. I will say I probably consumed 5 bottles of wine this last week. But when it’s good, red wine….how can you resist? Right? Right. 

Looking forward to getting back to my normal schedule and eating. Now that my travels are over, it’s time to crush some goals and get to bettering myself, homies. 

Be well.


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